Wilderness Systems welcomes everyone to experience their world without boundaries. Everyday is a chance to pioneer another adventure. Where you are a learner. And a mentor. When out of reach is close enough to touch.

Wilderness Systems is the kayak experience created to empower. Stunning quality and unbelievable comfort. Innovative designs defy the understood limits of performance for any skill. The definition of adventure is now wherever you are.

NOTICE: Only purchase your new Wilderness Systems Kayak from a genuine Wilderness Systems Dealer. Products purchased from a Dealer not appointed by the official Australian distibutor PaddePro as a Wilderness Systems dealer my not be covered by warranty. 

Please refer to our dealer listing for confirmation that you are purchasing from one of our appointed Wilderness Systems dealers. If you are unsure of the Dealer you are looking to purchase from, or if they are not listed as a Dealer on our website, please contact us to confirm their status.




Sized for medium to larger-sized paddlers, an excellent choice for paddlers looking for stability and the opportunity to expand beyond flat water.


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Wilderness Systems

Wilderness Systems